1. Escapist

    15 Feb 2016
    Cam got a new board and I had new camera. Shot on Kodak TMax 400 with an Olympus 35 SP.

  2. A Bike Ride Across Rural Missouri

    31 Jan 2016
    In the summer of 2015 my best friend and I joined hundreds of doctors, dentists, principals, moms, and dads on a bike ride through rural Missouri. It was a real hoot.  Each day we started early and had a handful of alcohol related pitstops. (I think the earliest we started…

  3. Pentax 6x7

    14 Jan 2016
    I recently got a new camera. The Pentax 6x7. I’ve been drooling over this camera ever since I found out about it. It’s a medium format camera and captures a 6cm x 7 cm negative. A bigger negative means a lot more information is captured. Here is my first frame…

  4. Expired Summer

    09 Jan 2016
    A day of summer shot on expired Kodak Gold. 

  5. Bikes

    18 Nov 2015
    I was going through my film work so far and realized a common theme on almost every roll. Bikes are unique. I’m especially drawn to bicycles, they’ve been around so long. Not much has changed in their design. They’re efficient and elegant. 

  6. Royal Celebration

    06 Nov 2015
    800,000 different perspectives, stories, and experience from the same event. Here is the Royal’s Parade from Kelly and I’s point of view. 

  7. For the Larks

    06 Nov 2015
    I shot a wedding near Monterey, CA a few weeks back. I love the morning so I got up early and had some time to shoot a couple rolls of film of folks carrying out their morning routine.  I had a few frames left when I got home so a…

  8. DayDate

    15 Oct 2015
    A day trip to Weston. I  had just picked up a little Olympus XA from Goodwill. I threw it in my pocket and kept my eyes open. 

  9. 1 Year

    06 Oct 2015
    A trip to Colorado for our 1 year anniversary. Shot on Lomography Color 100 film with a Contax T2.

  10. Best Friends Colorado Trip

    21 Sep 2015
    Spent time with good friends in Denver and Estes Park

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