PBR Bach Part 1: Color

There were fifteen of us crammed into 3 cars with full packs and climbing gear. We were headed to Creed Colorado for a weekend of climbing, hiking, and fishing for Josiah’s Bachelor Trip. 

We stayed in a small hut in the mountains with no electricity or running water. They had the place set up with propane so we were able to boil water and cook our food. At night we used lanterns and head lamps to light the cabin. We spread out on the floor and snuggled up in the beds and a couple of us even slept outside. 

This trip was much needed for me. I’d been slammed with projects and I needed a few days to shut off those worries. I got to know a lot of the guys better and came back feeling recharged. 

These are the color images from the trip. Film and digital shot on a Voigtlander Bessa R3m, Olympus Stylus Epic, and a Ricoh GR. I used Lomography Color Negative film 400 and 800 ISO, developed in Brookside at Express Photo. I scanned the negatives at home using the Pakon f-135+.

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