Archive # 3

The last batch of film I’d been putting off getting developed. It’s all expired film I’d gathered from labs around KC. Typically expired film looks like shit. It’s all hazy and the exposures have a crazy magenta cast over them. Expired color negative film doesn’t handle light as well as expired black and white does. It loses some sensitivity which is why I think it gets that underexposed haze more often. These turned out pretty well.

 A lot of photos from Kell and I’s move back to Kansas City and even a few from before we moved from LaCygne. 

Kelly and I went to this brew fest at Union Station. We’re both lightweights and the food that was promised wasn’t there. So after about thirty minutes of beer tasting we were pretty tipsy and decided to walk to one of our favorite Mexican places, Los Tules. It was one of the silliest walks I’ve gone on. 


These photos were capture on expired 35mm film: Fuji 800 and Kodak Gold 400 &200. I used a variety of cameras. Probably the Olympus Infinity Stylus (mju i) for most of them ( I just love that little camera). There are definitely some with substantial DOF so I bet those were taken with the EOS 3. The film was developed at Express Photo and scanned at home using the Kodak Pakon F-135+

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