Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

Puerta Vallarta is a big resort city in Mexico. I was there a few weeks ago shooting a wedding and had some time to kill.  I’m not much for beaches so one morning instead of taking a taxi I walked to the resort the bride and groom were staying at. 

The Mexican people are beautiful and seem so close knit. Puerto Vallarta’s landscape was also beautiful. Mountains butted up against ocean butted up against sandy beaches butted up against all inclusive resorts filled with retired and vacationing North Americans. It was a juxtaposition and I wasn’t a fan of. 

I packed an Olympus Stylus Epic (Mju ii) for the trip. It’s a small point and shoot with very few controls but a killer lens. I didn’t have a lot of spare room so it was perfect for the trip. I used Lomography Color Negative 400 film and these were processed in KC at my favorite lab, Express Photo. I scanned them myself at home using the Pakon F-135+

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