Archive #2

There’s a ziplock in my freezer full of exposed rolls of film.  After I would finish a roll I’d toss it in the bag because I didn’t have the time or the budget to get it processed. Then before I knew it there were 30 rolls in the freezer I had forgotten about.

These are a handful of images from about half of that bag. Trips with friends, life at LaCygne, moving to our new home and snapshots of people in their day to day. 

When I made these photographs I wasn’t making art, just documenting for posterity or because I thought the light or scene was pretty. 

These were developed at Express Photo in Brookside. Shot on lots of different films: Kodak Portra, Fuji Superia, Lomography. Using a bunch of different cameras: Canon EOS 3, Olympus Stylus, Contax T2 to name a few. They were all scanned at home using the Kodak Pakon F-135+

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