I spent some of Memorial Day weekend out at LaCygne. I had been needing some kind of respite from the day to day, especially after a string of travels for work and trying to cram a bunch of projects into a short amount of time. 

Originally, I was going to Conception Abbey for a silent retreat with a friend. Some last minute complications arose and it didn’t work out so, I decided to visit some of my favorite people at  my favorite place.

I stayed with the Averill’s. We shared a thread of conversation that went all weekend long and was woven in over coffee, meals, chores, meeting new friends, play, and rest. We caught up, talked some dreams, made jokes, and explored spirituality.

I got to meet a lot of the Summer Residents that will be working there this summer. It was a classic carefree camp weekend.  

Here it is six days later and I’m still riding the good vibes from my time there.   

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