1. In Birdie’s Honor

    16 Sep 2016
    We had a little gathering in honor of Birdie Thomas’ approaching arrival. It was a meaningful, carefree time, laden with Breck and Teagan’s joy and wonder These images were capture with an Olympus XA compact rangefinder camera. Shot on Ilford Hp5+ film pushed to 800. Processed and scanned at home

  2. 35mm Portraiture

    18 Aug 2016
    When Allyson sent me her mood board for this shoot I knew we would work well together. She had a lot of ideas for photographs that had a lot of shadow play and natural light. My house has these big windows that allow light to pour in onto this empty…

  3. Ultimate

    09 Aug 2016
    I play Ultimate Frisbee every Monday evening.  Some photos from a little point and shoot. This is where a major limitation to film comes in. As it gets darker the likelihood for an underexposed negative increases which adds this haze and more intense/noticable grain. I tend to like that look…

  4. Conception Abbey

    30 Jul 2016
    Images from a short stay at Conception Abbey. A Benedictine monastery in Conception, Missouri. I read, took a nap, had good conversations and prayed the Office with the monks.  My favorite thing about this place is the chapel during prayer times. There’s a big dome above the monks with beautiful…

  5. Archive # 3

    23 Jul 2016
    The last batch of film I’d been putting off getting developed. It’s all expired film I’d gathered from labs around KC. Typically expired film looks like shit. It’s all hazy and the exposures have a crazy magenta cast over them. Expired color negative film doesn’t handle light as well as…

  6. Archive #2

    07 Jul 2016
    There’s a ziplock in my freezer full of exposed rolls of film.  After I would finish a roll I’d toss it in the bag because I didn’t have the time or the budget to get it processed. Then before I knew it there were 30 rolls in the freezer I…

  7. A Visit Home and Work as Rest

    03 Jul 2016
    Photos from a trip home. I spent a lot of time with my dad checking on his cattle and my mom tending to the garden. We had lunch every day at my grandparents house where a meal turned into a hours of conversation. For my family work is an important…

  8. PBR Bach Part 1: Color

    26 Jun 2016
    There were fifteen of us crammed into 3 cars with full packs and climbing gear. We were headed to Creed Colorado for a weekend of climbing, hiking, and fishing for Josiah’s Bachelor Trip.  We stayed in a small hut in the mountains with no electricity or running water. They had…

  9. Kansas City’s Food Truck Hub

    06 Jun 2016
    Photo coverage for a story on Little Piggy, a recently opened food truck hub. The story was featured on Vice’s food channel, Munchies. This is the complete photo set for the story. You find read the story here.

  10. Residents

    02 Jun 2016
    I spent some of Memorial Day weekend out at LaCygne. I had been needing some kind of respite from the day to day, especially after a string of travels for work and trying to cram a bunch of projects into a short amount of time.  Originally, I was going to…

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