1. Mexico City

    Date 16 May 2019
    Street photography from Mexico City. 

  2. Missouri Photo Workshop 70

    Date 10 Oct 2018
    Sale Barn They used to farm in Mountain Grove, now they meditate, listening as the sound of truck tires whining down farm roads blends with the dull chomp of cattle grazing. They’re not pets and they’re sure as hell no career, but if they can just pay for themselves it’s…

  3. Laguna’s Vacationeers

    Date 15 Oct 2017
    Vacationers and retirees on California’s Laguna Beach.

  4. The American Chicago at 4th of July

    Date 04 Jul 2017

  5. Kansas City Summer No. 1

    Date 04 Jun 2017
    Hot, humid, sticky summer in KC. From Kansas City’s June 2017 First Friday

  6. Various Photographs in Black & White

    Date 10 May 2017
    Misfits images at home with each other. On black & white 35mm film.

  7. Climbing Monegaw Springs

    Date 24 Apr 2017
    A day trip climbing at Monegaw Springs in Missouri. ______________ These images were made with an Olympus XA and Ilford FP4 and Kodak Color Plus 35mm film.

  8. Ashlin Skates Harmon

    Date 21 Apr 2017
    Ashlin skates Harmon Skatepark in Prairie Village. 

  9. St. John’s Catholic Club

    Date 14 Apr 2017
    At first glance the Catholic church looks pretty typical, blacktop parking lots weaving through all the church buildings filling the city block in the Strawberry Hill neighborhood in Kansas City, Kansas. From a distance you notice a door that could be a service entrance or storage room but as you get closer…

  10. Still Life

    Date 11 Apr 2017
    Still life photography is an area of photography I’ve never really given much thought. It hasn’t gripped me the same way story based imagery has. I’ve been trying to do photographic work that’s out of my norm and comfort zone. I think there’s a lot to learn when you make…

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