Still Life

Still life photography is an area of photography I’ve never really given much thought. It hasn’t gripped me the same way story based imagery has. I’ve been trying to do photographic work that’s out of my norm and comfort zone. I think there’s a lot to learn when you make an attempt at a different genre. For me this was about slowing down, thinking about shape, horizon, and the way the light would fall off the subject. 

There was this project that one of my favorite street photographers, Joel Meyerowitz, did that helped me realize the story in a still life. Meyerowitz completely leaves the street photography realm to make still life images of the objects that artist Giorgio Morandi used to make his still life paintings when he was alive. 


These images were made using a Pentax 6x7 with Takumar 105mm 2.4 lens on Ilford HP5+ 400. Processed at home in Kodak Xtol developer. 

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