St. John’s Catholic Club

At first glance the Catholic church looks pretty typical, blacktop parking lots weaving through all the church buildings filling the city block in the Strawberry Hill neighborhood in Kansas City, Kansas. From a distance you notice a door that could be a service entrance or storage room but as you get closer you notice bowling pins framing the door under an awning lit with crude flood lamp light. Opening the door transports you to a divey, wood paneled, musty-in-a-good-way basement bowling hall. Complete with bar and bar keep, both look like they haven’t changed since the thing was built. Actually, that’s kind of the vibe of the entire place, unchanged and perfect. 

Thanks Sarah for turning 30 and planning a bad ass party. 


Catholic Men’s Club Lineage

Alley rental complete with snazzy bowling shoes

5 lanes, tons of bowling balls, and those bowling ball launchers for the kids.

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