Pentax Panoramas on 35mm

Exposing the entire piece of film, sprocket holes and all. 

To make this work I stuffed some cotton balls in my Pentax 6x7 to make roll of 35mm film fit where a much taller, 120mm, roll should go. The idea is that when the shutter opens the light come through that would normally expose a 6cm by 7cm piece of film, instead, exposes a much smaller 35mm section of film. Creating a unique looking panorama. 

It’s a lot more labor intensive process to scan because I had to use a flatbed scanner but I think it was worth it!

These photos were capture on Ilford HP5+ shot at 800iso. I used a Pentax 6x7 camera with the Takumar 105mm lens. I developed the film myself using XTOL and scanned it with an Epson V500.

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