Missouri Photo Workshop 70

Sale Barn

They used to farm in Mountain Grove, now they meditate, listening as the sound of truck tires whining down farm roads blends with the dull chomp of cattle grazing. They’re not pets and they’re sure as hell no career, but if they can just pay for themselves it’s all worth it. This is the Sale Barn.


The Missouri Photo Workshop has been going on for 70 years and has covered 50 small towns in Missouri. The workshop is an exercise in finding and covering a story that honestly communicates small-town Missouri, this year 39 photographers gathered in Mountain Grove to tell stories of the town.  I covered a livestock auction, or sale barn, that many farmers in the area sell their cattle at.  It’s an honor to be an alumnus of MPW alongside some of history’s greatest photojournalist. I failed a lot, was humbled and learned more than I could have imagined.


Below are some images that didn’t quite fit the photo story of the sale barn. They’re misfit images that I liked but maybe only work as a single image. 

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