Ongoing coverage of Kansas City during the age of this novel coronavirus . A look at small business and service industry workers, a senior center who had to close their doors to patrons but still served take away and delivery meals, how grocery stores are responding, what University of Missouri Kansas City looks like, and portraits of citizens as they adapt to life during a pandemic. 

D. Gillespie on her front porch in Kansas City, Missouri. Earlier in the day she posted a selection of bible passages other front door to encourage the community. Gillespie had this to say regarding the pandemic, “This is a test, and a test is how much you know about a certain subject, and that subject is love.”

Birdie and Breck Thomas peek out a window at their home in Mission, KS.

Terence Glynn making a rocking horse for his niece in Waldo.

Ga Ji Wang in his apartment. Hyde Park neighborhood Kansas City, MO

McKenzie(right), Carleigh, and Tom Heffron on a neighborhood walk in Mission, KS

Jared Strelcheck one of the many postal workers delivering mail through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chelsea Soetaert sits on the front porch during a visit to her mom, Trish Soetaert’s house. Mission, KS

The Thomas family at their home in Mission, KS.

Marissa Martinez takes her dog, Chuy, out in the front yard. Mission, KS

D. Gillespie, “Gillespie”

Steve Newell, at the drive up window to Express Photo, the photo lab he and his wife, Cherie, run in Brookside.

Kelcie McKenney, Travis Young, and Chewy in their yard. Kansas City, MO.

UMKC student, Jill Stribling in Haag Hall.

An empty computer lab on the campus of the University of Missouri Kansas City

Students study in a common area of UMKC’s Haag Hall.

UMKC’s Haag Hall water fountains.

Hallway to a parking garage attached to UMKC’s Haag Hall.

A student walks through a closed down common space/food court inside UMKC’s Haag Hall.

A Whole Foods employee wipes down carts for customers entering the store.

The sparse dairy section at the Whole Foods on 51st St. in Kansas City, MO.

Don Bosco staff hand out meals in the front lobby of the senior center.

A stir fry, rice, and veggies being prepared packaged, passed out, and delivered at Don Bosco Senior Center in Columbus Park, Kansas City, Missouri.

A couple crosses the street with a single grocery bag. Kansas City, MO.

Don Bosco staff delivering a tray of meals to be handed out in the center’s front lobby.

Zach Moores, owner of Crow’s Coffee drys his eyes while working from their Waldo, KC location.

Crow’s Coffee Waldo location. Kansas City, Missouri.

Staff deep clean at Crow’s Coffee Waldo location.

Lily Cosgrove is a service industry worker, organizer, and student. Cafe Gratitude is her only source of income.

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